About the Nerds

Welcome to the Nerd Club, a tribe of 10,000 individual nerds. For many years we nerds were laughed at, but due to our knowledge and skills in the crypto scene we are now more in demand than ever. Take a seat, join other nerds on Discord and have a glass of mate.

Our Partners

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To have enough funds available for a stable Nerd Club economy 5% of the whole minting income goes straight to the DAO Bank. Furthermore, 50% of all the money from the Nerd Clubs other sources of income which will be released as the community grows (Second Market, Game Market, Merch Store, etc.) will flow into the bank.


To establish the Nerd Club further in the NFT community we will use 10% of the secondery market sales, because community projects, advertisement campaigns and many other events want to be financed – those 10% will be the key to the Nerd Clubs independece from others and to a strong, selfmade community!


Money can’t buy happiness – but it can buy you things that bring you happines. Since we are far away from everyone having enough money to live a carefree life, we decided that we will give money equal to 200 SOLANA to a charity, which will then provide a better life for those in need. The best thing about that? The charity will be picked by the Nerd Club DAO, so you are in charge! In the future many other community votings will follow as well, in which your voice counts!


Gaming – One of the pillars that holds up the nerd culture and connects millions of nerds all across the globe. Since we are nerds ourselves we would like to strenghten this aspect of our community. To reach this goal we decided to raffle 5 top notch gaming Pc-systems to 5 lucky nerd-holders as soon as we sold 75% of our nerds. The PC’s will have a value of 5000$ each, so that you get the best gaming expirience money can buy.


You guys are amazing! As a special gift from our team for christmas we will be airdropping 5000 female nerds to 50% oft the holders of our nerds. You got two or more nerds? Great, you have an even higher chance to get a female nerd companion! But behold, thats not all. Among all the holders we will raffle 1 Tesla or the SOLANA equivalent of that, as soon as we have reached 100% sold nerds.

Roadmap 2.0

Q1 2022 - Merch Store

Q2 2022 - Mobile Game (iOS & Android)

Q3 2022 - Release Metaverse for our Nerds.

Q4 2022 - The Nerd Club Party (Real-Life)

Active Giveaways


We're giving away a MAYC#6991 (~$16,000)!
Once we reach 10.000 Members on our Discord server, the lucky winner will be raffled.
All you need to do is follow us on Twitter, Join the Discord Server and Retweet our tweet and tag 3 friends.

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Invite Contest

We are currently running an Invite Contest in our Discord Server and giving away a total of $1,250. Winners will be announced as soon as we reach 2,000 Members!
Alt Accounts, Bots or Join4Joins are strictly forbidden and will be punished.

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Meet our Team


Nerd Admin




How much is a Nerd Club NFT?

The Public Sale starts on 17. January, Price 1.0 SOLANA. Some hours befor Public Sale we start the Presale - Price 0.5 SOLANA.

How do i get a nerd?

As soon as we start selling you can buy it on the homepage.

Where can i view my Nerd Club NFT`s?

Once you have minted a The Nerd Club NFT, you will be able to see it by connecting your crypto wallet to different marketplaces.

Will there be a presale?

Yes, we will be holding a presale 1 day prior to the public launch for our Whitelist members. Please join our Discord to learn how you can join the Whitelist. The Whitelist spots will be very limited.

What can I do with my Nerd Club NFT?

At the moment we are planning a special utility for our NFT project, since just having a nice profile picture doesn’t cut it for us. On top of that holding a Nerd will grant you the power to vote in our Nerd Club DAO. Also it is planned to implement the nerds into the metaverse!

Which chain?

The Nerds are living on the Solana chain.

Whats the supply?

There is a maximum supply of 10.000 Nerds. Every single one is an individualy handcrafted artpiece which is living on the Solana blockchain and ready for you to collect!

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